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Welcome to Marlboro Crane Hire

One of South Africa's largest and most prestigious crane hire specialists. Established in 1992, we have a modern diversified fleet of 100 mobile hydraulic and specialised heavy lifting cranes able to perform all precarious lifting tasks from 7 to 440 tons whether it is a single day's crane hire or long-term major projects.

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Light Weight Cranes

7 ton - 30 ton crane hire
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Middle Weight Cranes

35 ton - 80 ton crane hire
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Heavy Weight Cranes

130 ton - 440 ton crane hire

About Marlboro Crane Hire Team

Our team of highly qualified and experienced professionals ensures that every lift is conducted safely, on time and cost effectively. Marlboro Crane Hire has successfully served the engineering, mining and construction industries in major projects across South and Southern Africa. We hire out our cranes in all nine provinces as well as into Sub Saharan Africa and across the sea to the Mascarene Islands.

Cranes at Work

Commercial Crane Hire Crane

Commercial Crane Hire

Urban Crane Hire Crane

Urban Crane Hire

Mining Crane Hire Crane

Mining Crane Hire

Freeway Crane Hire Crane

Freeway Crane Hire

Government Crane Hire Crane

Government Crane Hire

Corporate Crane Hire Crane

Corporate Crane Hire

Stadium Crane Hire Crane

Stadium Crane Hire

Residential Crane Hire Crane

Residential Crane Hire